We believe that Healing smiles is a way to empower women positively in life after domestic violence

Who we are

We are a team of women who care.

Our community of female volunteers is made up of leading experts in dentistry, oral medicine and oral health who are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment where women can access treatments without fear of financial, physical and emotional limitations.

We are a collaborative initiative between dental volunteers, volunteer dental specialists and the Western Australian community. Healing Smiles is a unique program designed to restore the smile yet provide safe, holistic and multidisciplinary care to our women.

How does it work?

Perth-based women who have experienced domestic violence and are in need of dental treatment are firstly referred to the Healing Smiles organisation through a referring case worker. 

A state convener will assess treatment required and provide support to link them to our volunteer general dentists and specialists for treatment.

Our team is committed to helping restore what was broken, and give our women their smile back


Empowered Women

“I appreciate everything your team has done for me! It has made my life a lot happier with loads of smiles. I can’t even start to tell you how it has also improved my confidence. So, a huge thank you to all involved “
Patient Testimonial
"All of the dentists I saw were very kind, welcoming, compassionate, caring and very friendly. Overall I had an extremely positive experience and I want to thank you all for supporting me, it’s made a huge difference to my life and its one less thing I have to worry about."
Patient Testimonial
"Accommodated my needs, Felt free and comfortable enough with all the dentists so I didn’t feel shy or ashamed. Cared for my health, Problem solved"
Patient Testimonial